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At Local Choice Electric, we’re your gateway to a greener, more convenient future. With our EV Charging Station Installation services, we empower residents of Apex, NC, to embrace electric mobility effortlessly. Our commitment to sustainability and innovation ensures that your home is equipped with cutting-edge EV charging solutions. As electric vehicles become a practical choice, we’re here to facilitate your transition seamlessly. Count on Local Choice Electric for expert installations, quality craftsmanship, and a commitment to a cleaner environment. Your journey to a smarter, eco-friendly home begins with us.

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Residential EV Charging Installation

We specialize in bringing the future to your doorstep. Our Residential EV Charging Installation service equips your home with an electric vehicle charging station. Say goodbye to lengthy trips to public charging stations and embrace the convenience of charging your EV in the comfort of your own home.

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EV Charging Consultation

Unsure about the right EV charging solution for your needs? We offer EV Charging Consultations to help you understand your options, costs, and benefits. Our team will guide you toward the most suitable choice for your situation.


EV Charging Education

Electric vehicles and charging can be a new and unfamiliar territory. We provide EV Charging Education to help you navigate this technology, answering your questions and providing insights into the world of EV charging.


Charging Station Maintenance

Once your charging station is installed, it's important to keep it running smoothly. Our Charging Station Maintenance service ensures that your EV charging equipment stays in top condition.



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We are proud to be a part of the Apex, NC community. Our local understanding of the region’s electrical systems, codes, and regulations allows us to provide tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements.


We uphold a commitment to excellence. Our experienced electricians utilize their expertise and employ industry-leading practices to deliver high-quality workmanship and top-quality electrical services.

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Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize your needs, preferences, and satisfaction. From the first consultation to project completion, we ensure clear communication and a smooth, stress-free experience.

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Electrical work demands precision and adherence to safety standards. Local Choice Electric places a paramount emphasis on safety during every project. Rest assured, we follow all safety protocols to protect your property and loved ones.

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We believe in transparency and honesty when it comes to pricing. Our pricing structure is clear, competitive, and devoid of hidden fees. You can trust us for fair estimates and cost-effective solutions that fit your budget.

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Your time is valuable, and we respect that. We strive for punctuality and efficiency in every project we undertake. Count on us to arrive on time and complete your electrical work promptly and reliably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Installing an EV charging station at home offers the convenience of charging your electric vehicle overnight, saving time and money compared to public charging stations. It ensures your vehicle is always ready for your daily commute.

Most homes can accommodate an EV charging station. We’ll assess your electrical system and parking setup to determine the best installation location and inform you of any necessary upgrades.

We provide a range of EV charging solutions, including Level 2 chargers, which are suitable for home use. Our team will recommend the right option based on your vehicle and charging needs.

Depending on your location and state, there may be incentives and rebates available for EV charging station installations. We can help you explore and take advantage of these opportunities to make your installation more cost-effective.

The cost of EV charging station installation can vary based on the charging station type, electrical requirements, and installation complexity. We offer competitive pricing and can provide a customized quote after an on-site assessment.

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Buying A Home EV Charger

There are various types of EV chargers, each with a different level of power. The more powerful the charger is, the quicker it can recharge an electric vehicle’s battery.

Level 1 Charger

This type of charger is included with the purchase of an electric vehicle. A level 1 charger (which also goes by “traditional” or “standard”) plugs into a standard 120-volt electrical outlet, and this process can take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours depending on how powerful your battery pack is; some people will even opt for overnight charging in situations where they have access to power outlets during certain parts of the day and not others. These chargers do not always fully charge a car battery in time for its next use, especially if you rely on your vehicle as much as I do.

Level 2 Charger

Level 2 EV chargers offer a faster charge than the standard level 1 charger. These types of chargers need to be professionally installed and can fully recharge an electric car in about 4 to 6 hours. Because they require 240 volts, level 2 chargers may necessitate an upgrade of your electrical panel if the current one is not able to handle increased power draw from a higher-voltage charger.